Oovo! – To be Edited

Spherical water bottles that are edible

Hey dude so we checked out Ooho! and found some interesting things on it.

First off, “spherification” is nothing new, it’s been around for a few decades, and we actually ate food that had been “spehrified” years ago in Spain. Chefs at El Bulli used to do it to make liquids hold a shape using a membrane.

Ooho also claims that their containers are cheaper than bottles, since it only costs them about 2 cents to make a membrane. As we know, most of the cost of a bottle of water is in the bottle, not the water itself. With the use of either reverse osmosis or purple light, or just boiling it, firms can claim that their water is 99.99% pure, and with vaporisation, there really isn’t much left in the water itself in regards to calcium/etc.

On the positive side of things, it’s a water bottle that doesn’t create any pollutants, and is cheaper than conventional water bottles – plastic bottles shouldn’t be re-used but people do re-use them as you know, so a key point here is the spreading of knowledge about bacteria that grow is plastic.

On the negative side, hygiene may be an issue. There are germs in your hands, hence we use utensils to eat, but if our hands are coming into direct contact with the gel containing the water, then what happens? Furthermore, you mentioned that carnivals/marathons would be a major market, but sweat/dirt going into your food doesn’t sound very hygienic to me. The company doesn’t seem to emphasise what type of water they use either, so for all we know, they could be freezing tap water for all we know. Then there is the issue of the membrane itself, which is made of a single strand polymer, which can be depolymerised my anything mildly acidic or alkaline. Which means that if you have your hands dipper in lemon juice beforehand… well go figure. There are bacteria that feed on algae as well, meaning that prolonged exposure would break the membrane.

On another note, they are attempting to change the way we drink water; we don’t eat water, instead we suck it in, differentiating us from animals who have to scoop water into our mouths using their tongues. But the semi-rigidity of a membrane doesn’t allow much “sucking” instead you have to swallow it hole, meaning you would need different sizes.

Lastly, common dude this membrane tech is covered in the Creative Commons License, meaning anyone that can get their hands on the materials required can make it. So unless they have an edge you have not mentioned… go figure. At best it’ll be a “flavour of the month” thing from what I can see.


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