DV Due Diligence Research Encyclopaedia

The mission is to store every single piece of research that is done by our team, and compile it into an encyclopaedia which will be continuously built upon. As time passes, this will allow us to create a timeline of events that have happened in each sector, and will allow us to identify trends that successful startups exhibit from an early stage. Furthermore, we would also be able to identify potential industry trends, and weaknesses that appear when a model is no longer working.

As each of our investments develop and grow larger, analysts will be required to keep track of changes, and record them into this encyclopaedia under their respective companies.

Although many firms have tried to compile and identify trends in specific industries (e.g. Warren Buffet), no firm has created an in-depth log of the startup world, as the Venture Capital business is still relatively young compared to other industries.



Research and compile data relevant to the industries we invest in, in alphabetical order, by industry, and geography.

The program created for this will incorporate the following:

  1. Ability to find specific data by searching for either: Date, Industry, Company Name, or Writer
  2. Ability to update existing documents as the companies progress
  3. Ability to identify winners as they will be marked as we go
  4. Ability to identify industries and firms that required high upfront capital
  5. Ability to differentiate by Senior Analyst





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